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Harrow Cafe Culture Planning Guidance


A conflict was identified between the need to keep the footway free under the Highways Act 1980 and the so-called ‘smoking ban’ under the Health Act 2006 which resulted in smokers spilling out onto the pavements out of pubs, bars and cafés.


In consultation with Harrow’s planning officers, environmental health, tourism officer, disability officer and the licensing authorities Anna Tennent wrote and illustrated the Café Culture guidance. This planning guidance document aimed to encourage vibrant and vital town centres by developing an appropriate outdoor eating and dining experience for the community. The guide provided information on the planning process and the legal requirements that developers needed to meet to ensure planning consent for outdoor food and beverage areas.


Harrow Council was able to control the development of smoking overspill by ensuring that safe and attractive out door areas were created for the public adjacent to pubs, bars and cafés. It encourages a vibrant street scene while mitigating conflict between developers and residents.


Project Type: Urban Design, Planning
Location: Planning Document
Date: 2007
Contract Value: n/a


Urban Design, Regeneration, Planning, Project Management, Partnership Working.