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Kentish Town West

The brief was to provide a safe and attractive station entrance.


Kentish Town West serves a residential neighbourhood, however the station had become a focus of criminal activity, principally drug deals and prostitution. The ambition was to change public perception and work with the community and the police to deliver a safe and attractive station entrance.


The significant innovation was uplighting of the adjacent bridge and the removal of a wall with the permission of a local landowner, which cleared the sightlines and improved natural surveillance of the station entry. New signage, pavements and a cleaned up station façade completed the project. Anna project managed the design through planning permission to contract completion.


Feed-back was very positive with the local community feeling safer and liking the improved pavements. A police initiative was integrated into the regeneration program to ensure beat officers made regular patrols.


Project Type: Landscape Design
Location: London, UK
Date: 2004
Contract Value: £20,000


Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Planning, Regeneration, Contract Administration, Partnership Working