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Tachbrook Street Market Place

Improve the area so that local residents could walk safely


The cut-through from Tachbrook Street to Vauxhall Bridge road runs under the Lillington Estate flats on an historic footpath. The area was poorly overlooked and was attracting vagrants and anti-social misuse. Rough sleepers were using the underpass and making it difficult for local residents to walk safely to the market area from east Pimlico.


The client, City West Homes had obtained Gate It funding to improve the cut-through from Tachbrook Street. Anna Tennent and the community development officer at Groundwork London worked with the community in Pimlico and on the Lillington and Longmore Estates to develop a proposal to integrate the adjacent car park into a broad new landscaped square with new lighting, planting, street trees and an unified pavement. The underpass was improved by repainting the ceiling and uplighting.


Anna’s design was widely welcomed and within 2 weeks had attracted funding of over £220,000 to improve the area. The project was completed by Groundwork and their contractors and opened by the Mayor of Westminster. Local residents were delighted with the improvements which also liked the new square with a new play area developed by Sure Start simultaneously. The loss of seating areas and the warm south facing wall and the layout of the square meant that there was now a good visual connection between Vauxhall Bridge Road and Tachbrook street and the vagrants and rough sleepers moved out of the area.


Project Type: Landscape Design, Urban Design, Regeneration
Location: London, UK
Date: 2005
Contract Value: £220,000


Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Community Development, Partnership Working